France Musique
France Musique
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Old Folks At Home (morceau traditionnel américain)
Blakes and Rays, duo de Banjo
Disque Berliner's gramophone, Londres, 1899

Irvin Berlin - I wish I was in Michigan
Banjo solo and Orchestra
Disque Little Wonder, New-York, 1914


**Theodore F. Morse - Auntie Skinner's Chicken dinner - Medley **
Sisty et Seitz, banjo duet
avec accompagnement orchestre, xylophone et bruitages
Cylindre Blue Amberol Edison, N-York, 1915

Chant Maui, arrangement Dick Mc Intire - Ka Mele O Kuu Puu Wai
Dick Mc Intire and his harmony hawaiians
Disque Standar Program Library - RCA -, Holliwood, 1939



Jean-Yves Patte_149x185
Jean-Yves Patte_149x185
Jean-Yves Patte